(Frequently Asked Questions)

What will I learn in this class?
ANSWER: The class will teach you about firearm safety, handgun mechanics, fundamentals of shooting a handgun (proper grip, stance, etc.), loading, cleaning, ammunition types, malfunctions, and storage of ammunition and guns. We also cover open carry, concealed carry, holsters, and carry methods. The class will cover legal aspects of carrying, lethal force, self-defense, defense of others, defense of property, castle doctrine, state reciprocity (which states honor your permit), state laws, federal laws, firearm purchasing and possession laws, and the permit application process. Lastly, we will cover topics such as not becoming a victim, vocal commands, dealing with aftermath of a defensive situation, constitutional rights, attorneys, less than lethal alternatives, defense gadgetry and much more.

Are your instructors competent?
ANSWER: We like to think so. All of our instructors shoot competitively and hunt,  are NRA certified, UBCI certified, and either have a law degree or are currently pursuing one.

What permits can I apply for after taking the class?
ANSWER: It can depend  on what state you’re a resident of, but the class qualifies applicants for Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, Iowa, Maine, Montana, New Hampshire, Oregon, Pennsylvania, South Dakota, Utah, Virginia, Washington, Wisconsin, and Wyoming.

What do I need to bring with me to class?
ANSWER: A state issued I.D., form of payment, and something to take notes on. Other needed materials are provided. 

What form of payment can you accept?
ANSWER: Cash, Check, Online Payment, and *Credit Card.  If you pay online you need to bring a copy of your receipt to the class and give it to the instructor. If you want to guarantee your ability to pay with a credit card then pay online as our mobile credit card reader sometimes has reception issues and we can’t guarantee it will always work .(*Credit cards will incur a $2 service charge if used at the class)

When I’ve completed the concealed weapons class, will I have a concealed weapons permit?
ANSWER: No. You will still need to submit  an application(s) to the state(s) who will check your background and make sure that you are not a prohibited person.  Most states require some type of training prior to applying for their permit. We provide the training; we do not issue you the permit (the application process will be covered in detail in the class).

Does your class fill the requirements for the Utah permit?
ANSWER: Yes. All of our instructors are certified by the Utah Bureau of Criminal Identification to teach the Utah class. You will receive a Utah application that the instructor will sign and stamp before you leave.

Should I bring my gun and ammo to class?
ANSWER: No. Please don’t bring your gun or ammo to class. If you already have a concealed weapons permit that is valid, then you may carry concealed, but don’t tell us or show us your gun.

Do we shoot guns during the class?
ANSWER: No. We offer live fire classes but don’t shoot any guns during the concealed carry course.

Do I need a passport Photo?
ANSWER: Only if you are applying for the Utah permit. We offer the passport photo during the class for free. What if I already have a Passport?
ANSWER: Utah needs a passport style photo to place on your permit. You can get a photo taken at our class for free or use one of your own.

What about Fingerprints?
ANSWER: Most states require that fingerprints be submitted with the concealed weapon application. Fingerprinting is available at most of our classes for a small fee to cover the costs of supplies. Fingerprints are always available at your local Sheriff’s office for a reasonable fee.

What does it cost to obtain the state permits?
Utah: Resident $41, non-resident $51
Idaho: Varies from county to county. Somewhere between $40-$60.
Arizona: $60
Washington: $52.50
Wyoming: $72
Oregon: $65

How long is the permit good for?
Utah: 5 years; $15 Renewal  – You may renew your Utah permit online by clicking here.
Idaho: 5 years; $15 Renewal
Arizona: 5 years; 15 Renewal
Washington: 5 years; $32 Renewal
Wyoming: 5 years: $50
Montana: 4 years
Oregon: 4 years; $50

After I get my permit, how many states can I carry concealed in?
ANSWER: State firearms laws and agreements are subject to frequent change. You should always verify your permit status before traveling to another state. The answer will also depend on your state of residency and which concealed permits you obtain.  We recommend using this map to keep current on which states honor your permit(s).

The class will enable Idaho residents to apply for permits that will allow them to carry in 39 states (we go into detail in class on how this works and which permits you need).